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Xtrem Snowboarding

4.0 ( 2240 ratings )
Spiele Unterhaltung Spielhalle Sport
Entwickler Yamago

Are you growing tired of the standard snowboard games out there? Kick it up a notch with Xtrem Snowboarding for your iOS device. Execute tricks and earn high scores in this fun and simple game.

Jump in and slide down the slopes with ease. As soon as you jump off of a ramp, you must follow the colored dots with your finger to perform a trick. The more tricks you do for each ramp, the more points youll earn. The game is over when you dont perform the required amount of tricks for the level.

The faster you execute a trick, the more points you will earn per trick. If you hit the floor while youre in the middle of a trick (red dot), you crash and loose all the points for the current ramp. If its an orange dot, you dont lose any points. When you land on a green dot, youll pull off a perfect landing and earn double points.